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A Call To Old Friends...

SoraSora Posts: 1Member

Hey guys and girls. I heard peeps about this game, and found out it was being developed by Riki. When I checked out the chat history, I saw many, many old faces, and almost broke down. Those who know me, know that PK was a huge part of my childhood, and the friends I made were an even bigger part of my ongoing battle against my cancer.

I just want to say that I've read through most of the forum posts, and I'm very, very excited about this game, and will help in any way I can. I already plan to donate when I get bills paid, and will drop some suggestions and what not after I learn more.

It's been a very long time since I've seen a lot of you on PK, and my heart was shattered when I tried to get on PK for the last time and I learned it was shut down, and I was unable to say "See you later" to all my friends that I made over the years.

Not sure if a post like this is allowed, but technically it is "general" ;).

ANYWAYS! I'm super hype for this game! Hope to see you all in the Empire soon!

-Sora™ ❤


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